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On site auto detailing

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All the Details:              Auto        SUV      *SUVXL


Concours Detail                    $185.        $225.        $255.

Complete Detail                     150.          165.          180.

Exterior Detail                         95.          110.          125.

Interior Detail                          65.           75.            85.

Hand Radiant Wax                    65.           75.            85.

Engine Detail                           35.           45.            50.

Overspray Removal                  150.         300.          400. 

Reservations by phone or online strongly recommended for any Detail packages. Drive up welcome if available.

Wash Packages:          Auto           SUV     SUVXL


Hand Carwash                       $20.            $22.        $25.

Prepaid Wash Card [10]           190.            210.        240.


Added Beauty:             Auto           SUV     SUVXL 


Carpet and Mat Shampoo        $20.             30.            35.

Mats Only Shampoo                 10.             15.            20.

Dash Conditioning                    5.               8.            10.

Exterior Trim Condition              10.            15.            20.


*An additional fee may apply for certain oversized SUV’s.
SUVXL: Hummer, Expedition, Suburban, Excursion, Armada, Escalade, Lexus LX, Vans and Limos.

Additional Services

  • Professional Window Tinting
  • Professional Paint Touch-up
  • Door Ding and Dent Repair
  • Wheel Repair and Refurbish from curb damage
  • Windshield repair or replacement
  • Minor Body Work to Dealer Specifications

Drive in or RSVP

Make a Reservation

All of our detailing services no not require any reservations.  Drive up to any of our five locations to receive excellent service while you are at work.  Help us plan ahead and make a reservation in advance by using the form below. Once you drop off your vehicle, go about your business & you will be notified when your vehicle is ready for pick up.

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